"Paris as a gift" action

29 february 2012, 10:42

To all cake and coffee admirers "Puzata Hata" chain of restaurants gives a chance to win a trip for two to Paris.
From February 1 to March 11 while enjoying aromatic coffee and cakes in "Puzata Hata" restaurants, you can receive guaranteed promotion * and take part in the drawing trips to the most romantic city of the world.
Art and love reign in this city together.
In a word, Paris has charm that enchants you.
Terms of "Paris as a gift" action
Beginning from February 1 buy in any restaurant of "Puzata Hata" chain a cup of aromatic coffee and cake for one bill (hereinafter referred to as action purchase).
Get a promotional sticker for every purchase and please sure to keep your bill.
Collect on the action card 5 (five) stickers and fill in the form with contact information on the back side of the action card.
Receive a guaranteed gift * in exchange for the action card.
Leave a card with five stickers collected and filled in form in a special box in any restaurant of "Puzata Hata" chain.
Get a chance to win a travel for two to Paris.
Drawing of a trip will take place on March 17, at 3 AM at the address: Kyiv city, Kontraktova Square 2/1.
Action takes place 01.02 - 11.03.2012, in all restaurants of "Puzata Hata" chain. Learn about details of this action from the restaurant staff. You can also send your questions to the address: info@puzatahata.kiev.ua
* - 10 000 first participants of the Action who made five action purchases will receive the guaranteed momentary gifts.



+38 (044) 391 46 99 | info@puzatahata.kiev.ua

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