Appetizers are not only decoration of table but unalienable part of treating your guests.
Appetizers are made from vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, meat and fish. Pickles, pickled cabbage, black and red caviar, vegetable caviar, salads, sprats, and the other tinned fish, herring, salted fish, salted mushrooms are popular in Ukrainian cuisine in the quality of Appetizers. Cuts of meat (sausage), fish, and cheese can also be served as a Appetizer.
You can also taste traditional Ukrainian Appetizers in our restaurants.

Salads take the first place in the long healthy food chain. Salads have to be on table all year. Vegetables are the source of carbohydrates, mineral substances and vitamins. Salads are not only useful but also tasty; they are simple and delicious dishes appropriate in any situation and in any time. So many interesting salads were created by chiefs! These are vegetable salads with pickles, Greek salads, salads with cheese and olives, chicken fillet and boiled meat, fish and seafood. Special place was reserved for fruit salads.
"Puzata Hata" chain of restaurants offers you the wide choice of salads for all tastes.

First course represents the healthiest dishes on our table; dinner cannot be full without them. Earlier it was considered that absence of everyday soup is proof of poverty. Today, when we talk about everyday diet, it seems that nobody doubts that soups are good for health.
The traditional dish for every Ukrainian is Borsch.
Borsch is nourishing. It consists of many different products, more than 7 kinds of vegetables that give you a pleasant taste bouquet in combination.
During the day we suggest you to taste first course in our restaurants: Ukrainian borsch, meat soup, mushroom and fish soup and also seasonal first course.

Meat is the basic source of native food proteins containing all irreplaceable aminoacids that are balanced in the most favorable ratio. In order to feel yourself good you have to consume meat dish every day the best combination for which are vegetables. Therefore, you favor better assimilation of useful substances.
In our restaurants there is variety of meat dishes that will fill you with health and cheerfulness for new achievements: juicy steak, cottage chops, cabbage rolls, homemade sausages, big choice of cutlets, liver, ribs, kebabs and a lot of meat delicatessens that will please you anyway.

From the ancient times fish takes the great part in meals. Fish dishes are appropriate for banquet, everyday meals, for diet and baby food.
You cant imagine our menu without fish dishes.
You can taste the widest fish assortment in our chain on Fish Thursday. Over than 10 fish dishes will satisfy the most exacting gourmets.

In many world cuisines chicken meat, juicy and useful, is considered not only everyday meal but greatly adds to the banquet. Chicken contains very little fat that is why simple chicken soups and boiled chicken breasts are considered diet dishes that are recommended both to babies and adults.
Chicken is easily combined with the other products, thats why we prepare different chicken dishes with great pleasure: salads, simple soups, cutlets, sausages, pies and many other dishes that you can in "Puzata Hata" restaurants.

Garnishes are different vegetables, potato dishes, porridges, pasta. Most of hot dishes cant go without garnish.
Garnishes add to main course taste, make it more harmonic. Correctly chosen garnish favors better digestion and just makes meals tastier. In "Puzata Hata" chain of restaurants you have a possibility to taste the traditional well-liked garnishes.

Vareniki are the classical Ukrainian dish. Different combinations of boiled pastry with vegetable, berry, and meat fillings impart the unforgettable flavor to vareniki.
Ready salty vareniki are served with sour cream or oil with fried onion. Vareniki with cherry, poppy seed, apple, plum and others are powdered with sugar and are served in berry syrup with honey. They are served hot.
Pancakes are dish that is prepared from liquid pastry on hot pan. Pancakes are served with different Appetizers or filled. Pancakes can be filled with mushrooms, meat, berries, sour cream, cheese, red caviar, etc.
Pancakes are traditional for Ukrainian cuisine and were consumed even in pre-Christian times.
Pancakes with filling are called nalistniki.

The scientists assert that sweet dishes favors good mood that is why we invite you to taste the most wonderful desserts in "Puzata Hata" chain of restaurants. More 30 types of desserts are prepared by our confectioners for you with love.
Aromatic coffee, hot tea, cakes, cookies, jelly, ice cream what can be more tempting for gourmands?
Sweeten your life in "Puzata Hata" restaurants!


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