Starchy foods

Vareniki are the classical Ukrainian dish. Different combinations of boiled pastry with vegetable, berry, and meat fillings impart the unforgettable flavor to vareniki.
Ready salty vareniki are served with sour cream or oil with fried onion. Vareniki with cherry, poppy seed, apple, plum and others are powdered with sugar and are served in berry syrup with honey. They are served hot.
Pancakes are dish that is prepared from liquid pastry on hot pan. Pancakes are served with different Appetizers or filled. Pancakes can be filled with mushrooms, meat, berries, sour cream, cheese, red caviar, etc.
Pancakes are traditional for Ukrainian cuisine and were consumed even in pre-Christian times.
Pancakes with filling are called nalistniki.
Cottage cheese pancakes
Vareniki with cherries
Vareniki with cabbage
Vareniki with potato
Vareniki with meat
Potato zrazy with cabbage and mushrooms
Pancakes with poppy seed
Pancakes with meat
Pancakes with cheese
Pancakes with apples
Nalistniki with meat in eggs
Cabbage pie
Meat (liver) pie
Cherry pie
Fried pie with cabbage
Fried pie with potato
Fried pie with meat
Fried pie with liver and potato
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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