Appetizers are not only decoration of table but unalienable part of treating your guests.
Appetizers are made from vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, meat and fish. Pickles, pickled cabbage, black and red caviar, vegetable caviar, salads, sprats, and the other tinned fish, herring, salted fish, salted mushrooms are popular in Ukrainian cuisine in the quality of Appetizers. Cuts of meat (sausage), fish, and cheese can also be served as a Appetizer.
You can also taste traditional Ukrainian Appetizers in our restaurants.
Julienne with mushrooms and chicken
Hot appetizer
Pickled cucumbers
Herring with onion
Herring with vegetables
Pickled tomato
Pork lard with garlic
Vegetable marrow cake
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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