Salads take the first place in the long healthy food chain. Salads have to be on table all year. Vegetables are the source of carbohydrates, mineral substances and vitamins. Salads are not only useful but also tasty; they are simple and delicious dishes appropriate in any situation and in any time. So many interesting salads were created by chiefs! These are vegetable salads with pickles, Greek salads, salads with cheese and olives, chicken fillet and boiled meat, fish and seafood. Special place was reserved for fruit salads.
"Puzata Hata" chain of restaurants offers you the wide choice of salads for all tastes.
Vegetable salad with pickles
Mushroom salad
Salad with pickled cabbage
Salad with crab sticks
Chicken and pineapple salad
Chicken and mushrooms salad
Carrot and celery salad
Red cabbage salad
Ham salad
Salmon salad
Korean carrot salad
Salad Mimose
Salad Olivier
Asparagus salad
Caesar salad with chicken
Greek fresh salad
Chicken fresh salad
Tuna fresh salad
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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