First course

First course represents the healthiest dishes on our table; dinner cannot be full without them. Earlier it was considered that absence of everyday soup is proof of poverty. Today, when we talk about everyday diet, it seems that nobody doubts that soups are good for health.
The traditional dish for every Ukrainian is Borsch.
Borsch is nourishing. It consists of many different products, more than 7 kinds of vegetables that give you a pleasant taste bouquet in combination.
During the day we suggest you to taste first course in our restaurants: Ukrainian borsch, meat soup, mushroom and fish soup and also seasonal first course.
Ukrainian borsch
Simple chicken soup with noodles
Rassolnik (meat or fish soup with pickled cucumbers)
Meat soup
Peas soup
Vegetable soup
Mushroom soup with beans
Fish soup
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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