Meat dishes

Meat is the basic source of native food proteins containing all irreplaceable aminoacids that are balanced in the most favorable ratio. In order to feel yourself good you have to consume meat dish every day the best combination for which are vegetables. Therefore, you favor better assimilation of useful substances.
In our restaurants there is variety of meat dishes that will fill you with health and cheerfulness for new achievements: juicy steak, cottage chops, cabbage rolls, homemade sausages, big choice of cutlets, liver, ribs, kebabs and a lot of meat delicatessens that will please you anyway.
Village chops
Liver cutlet
Pork chop
Cabbage rolls (rice, meat and carrot)
Homemade sausages
Grilled sausages with pieces of lard (portioned)
Homemade cutlet
Meat cutlet with suluguni cheese
Poltava cutlet
Sadko cutlet
Homemade roast meat
Fried liver
Fried ribs
Boiled sausages
Veal steak
Pork steak
Boiled veal
Pork kebab
Veal in cheese
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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