Chicken dishes

In many world cuisines chicken meat, juicy and useful, is considered not only everyday meal but greatly adds to the banquet. Chicken contains very little fat that is why simple chicken soups and boiled chicken breasts are considered diet dishes that are recommended both to babies and adults.
Chicken is easily combined with the other products, thats why we prepare different chicken dishes with great pleasure: salads, simple soups, cutlets, sausages, pies and many other dishes that you can in "Puzata Hata" restaurants.
Chicken sausage
Chicken cutlet with vegetables and mushrooms
Chicken cutlet with cheese
Chicken steamed cutlet
Chicken homemade cutlet
Chicken Kiev
Chicken kruchenik with omelette
Chicken baked with potato
Chicken chop with cheese
Pickled chicken wings
Fried chicken wings
Chicken pluck in cream sauce
Chicken fried gammons
Chicken fried liver
Chicken steak
Chicken meatballs
Chicken kebab
*Assortment of dishes may differ in different regions
*Also seasonal changes in assortment are possible



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